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Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw

ul. Szaserów 128, 04-141 Warszawa 44


The structure of the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw includes the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of National Defense. The hospital is a multi-profile facility that provides top quality medical services based on professional staff and modern diagnostic background. The KLIMOR company has already been entrusted delivery of hygienic AHUs to the indicated facility twice. 


The first delivery dates back to the year 2007 and the second one took place in 2010. The facility’s air conditioning system includes the following AHUs: MCKH AHUs with air capacities of 820m3/h (400Pa); 920m3/h (400Pa); 1160m3/h (400Pa) and 1170m3/h (500Pa), as well as 5 supply and exhaust MCKH AHUs with glycol systems with varied supply and exhaust air capacities. 

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