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Zakłady Porcelany Elektrotechnicznej ZAPEL (electrical porcelain producer)

ul. Techniczna 1, 36-040 Boguchwała


The company was established in 1939 and has become the leading producer of porcelain insulators. The head office and the factory is located in Boguchwała in the Podkarpackie province. Wide range of products includes post and suspension line insulators, post and bushing station insulators as well as post, bushing and hollow apparatus insulators. The main strategy of the company is directed on investing within production infrastructure in order to modernize constructions, technology and to manufacture products of the highest world standards.

One of the investments in the company infrastructure was equipping one of the production halls with a KLIMOR supply and exhaust MCKS roof unit, with flow rate of supply and exhaust air of 50000m3/h with available external static pressure (AESP) of 500Pa. The solution enabled great flexibility in choosing the most appropriate unit when it comes to the unit's efficiency, energy consumption, external measurements, air flow rate, and, most importantly – guaranteed the highest quality of air during the production process of ZAPEL S.A. products. 

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