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Specialist District Hospital Complex in Konin

ul. Szpitalna 45, 62-504 Konin


The Specialist District Hospital Complex in Konin is the biggest facility of this type in the eastern part of the Great Poland region. Its 24 wards hospitalize approximately 40 000 patients a year and carry out almost 10 000 operations.


The hospital is equipped with modern air conditioning and ventilation solutions by KLIMOR including 2 suspended PCK AHUs with supply and exhaust air capacity values of 1030m3/h (300Pa) and 940m3/h (300Pa) respectively, 10 standard MCK AHUs with the air capacities of  : 4610 (400Pa), 4540 (400Pa), 11400 (400Pa), 11400 (400Pa), 1550 (300Pa), 1410 (300Pa), 17500 (1000Pa), 13900 (400Pa), 8250 (1000Pa) and 8250 (1000Pa) respectively. KLIMOR devices guarantee top quality of air in patients’ rooms, on corridors and admissions. On operating theatres there are KLIMOR ceiling ventilators with NSL laminar outflow that enable maintenance of linear air supply within the operating table with compensated air velocity and appropriate microbiological purity. 

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