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Teva (Pliva)

ul. Mogilska 80, 31-546 Kraków


Teva Operations Poland Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) is a leading Polish producer of medicines with 80-year tradition and experience. It has been a part of a global company Teva (the largest pharmaceutical company in the world specializing in production and sale of generic drugs) since 2008.


In December 2003, the KLIMOR company equipped TEVA OPERATIONS facility with 4 MCKH units with heat recovery with the use of intermediary cooling system, with various air flow rate. Thanks to specialist technology applied in the production of these units, all the requirements for drugs production laboratory rooms were met. In 2012 another 2 MCKH units were installed – with air flow rate of 14000m3/h, and with a heat recovery module equipped with glycol exchanger; there was another MCKH unit installed with supply air flow rate of 21000m3/h.

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