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Specialist District Hospital in Rzeszów

ul. Chopina 2, 35-055 Rzeszów


In June 2011 in the Specialist District Hospital in Rzeszów a solemn opening of its new Clinical Oncology Ward and a Radiology Ward was held in the new building of the Podkarpackie Oncology Centre. The construction of the building cost PLN 29 million financed from the city budget, EU funds, Marshal of the Province and the hospital’s own resources.


New wards equipped with 18 beds (Radiology) and 17 beds (Clinical Oncology) were designed considering their patients’ well-being. They were supposed to create appropriate conditions in order for the patients to come back to health fast. The investor decided to choose KLIMOR devices as the best solution to guarantee optimum ventilation and air conditioning of the new facility. In the second half of 2010 the following KLIMOR AHUs were installed: an air conditioning SKH cabinet with a heat pump module and a humidification system designed for the chemotherapy (supply 2195m3/h (900Pa), exhaust: 2100+1900m3/h (350Pa)), a suspended hygienic PCK AHU designer for the diagnostic imaging laboratory (with the air capacity value of 550m3/h and the air compression value of 200Pa), a hygienic MCKH AHU with a highly efficient glycol exchanger dedicated to patients’ rooms and the post-operating ward (supply: 740m3/h (350Pa), exhaust: 820m3/h (400Pa)), an MCK AHU with a rotary exchanger designed for conference rooms (supply: 1680m3/h (350Pa), exhaust: 1680m3/h (3560Pa)), an MCK AHU with a cross-flow exchanger designed for cloakrooms (supply: 2200m3/h (350Pa), exhaust: 2280m3/h (350Pa)).

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