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Mercedes-Benz Car Showroom

ul. Armii Krajowej 17, 30-150 Kraków


Sobiesław Zasada Automotive Mercedes-Benz Car Showroom and Service Centre seated in Cracow is one of the most prestigious and famous facilities and its location at Armii Krajowej St. is a significant and noble point on the map of the city.


Sobiesław Zasada is one of the most successful Polish car dealers of Mercedes-Benz. The car showroom in Cracow was opened towards the end of 2008. It sells cars, vans, trucks, campers manufactured by Mercedes as well as renders technical, bodywork and spray services.


The investor paid great attention to the smallest details of the facility’s design as well as the interior of the showroom. The whole building meets the highest architectural standards that apply to a premium brand that certainly is Mercedes Benz. Clean and fresh air is guaranteed by KLIMOR AHUs and it perfectly complements light and spacious interior as well as the original architecture of the showroom.  


The project included the following KLIMOR units: a supply and exhaust suspended PCK unit with the capacity value of 2700m3/h (400Pa), a supply and exhaust MCK unit with a rotary exchanger with the supply and exhaust air capacity value of 11500m3/h (500Pa), 2 supply and exhaust MCK units with a cross-flow exchanger. 


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