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Nycz Intertrade – sewege treatment plant

ul. Grabska 15a, 32-005 Niepołomice


Sewage treatment plant in Niepołomice was created with the use of modern technological solutions and it operates in harmony with the environment, fulfilling all requirements included in environment protection standards. Mechanical and chemical processing takes place in the plant, which enables utilization of waste materials that contain metals and other harmful substances. The next step is processing harmful substances into less harmful state and then metals are recovered.


KLIMOR provided its units to the plant in their initial period of operation in 2008. Specialized units were installed, among others, in the laboratory of chemical materials recovery. Thanks to the use of high quality components of worldwide acknowledged brands in all KLIMOR products, the units meet high requirements from the investor. The project included one supply MCK unit with glycol exchanger of air flow rate of 17400m3/h (350Pa), one exhaust MCK unit with glycol exchanger of air flow rate of 11000m3/h (300Pa), one exhaust PCKb  suspended unit of air flow rate of 3950m3/h (260Pa), and one supply PCKb suspended unit of air flow rate of 3900m3/h (187Pa).

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