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Polskie Markety Budowlane Majster /Polish DIY Store Majster

ul. Przemysłowa 3, 35-105 Rzeszów


Polskie Markety Budowlane MAJSTER /Polish DIY Store Majster/ is one of the biggest and, at the same time, longest-operating sales companies of the building trade in southern and eastern Poland. The company’s headquarters is seated in Rzeszów at Przemysłowa St. and its stores are located in many cities in eastern Poland. Its offer includes building, finishing, decoration and installation materials.


In 2005 a new DIY store was opened in Rzeszów. The investor decided to apply KLIMOR air conditioning units as the best option of a ventilation and air conditioning system for the new building. Among the most important features that turned out to be decisive in the AHU selection process were high precision of manufacture, reliability and good value-for-money ratio.  The facility was equipped with 2 roof type MCKD units designed for office spaces and the mezzanine. The AHUs’ supply and exhaust parameters were: 10000m3/h (450Pa) and 22500m3/h respectively and their disposable compression value amounted to (450Pa).

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