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Nyborg - Mawent

ul. Ciepła 6, 82-200 Malbork


NYBORG-MAWENT S.A. (joint-stock company) has been in the market since 2005. It came into being as a result of combining two companies specializing in production of industrial ventilators: a Norwegian company NYBORG AS and Polish Malborska Fabryka Wentylatorów (ventilator production factory) MAWENT S.A. Both companies have many years of experience in this branch of industry. Nyborg–Mawent is the leading supplier of comprehensive solutions for pumping works and transporting of air, mixture of gases and other substances.  Nyborg–Mawent equipment is used worldwide, in various latitudes and longitudes, very often in extreme conditions.


By the end of 2010 in the headquarters of the company in Malbork, its paint shop was equipped with 2 KLIMOR supply and exhaust MCK units with a gas burner of flow rate of supply and exhaust air of 12000m3/h (500Pa). Ventilation units were equipped with a heating gas module, which allows two modes of work: normal mode (ventilation) and drying mode. Drying mode enables to heat the chamber up to 45°C.

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