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Indoor swimming pool in Jarosław

ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego, 37-500 Jarosław


One of the most modern sports and recreational facilities in the south of Poland is situated in Jarosławiec and is a part of the Mayor Adolf Dietzuis City Sports and Recreation Centre.


The indoor pool of the area of 520m2 is enough for 130 people at a time. Water sports lovers are provided with a sports pool (25 metres x12.5 metres, depth 1.20 -1.80 metres), a pool for swimming lessons (12.5 metres x 6.5 metres, depth 1.00-1.15 metres),and a basin with water attraction. During the summer, the outdoor pool is open with playing field for team sports.


The installation of air-conditioning and ventilation units was carried out in the swimming pool hall, biological regeneration rooms, changing rooms, showers and the cafe. The use of KLIMOR units guarantees long-lasting operation and safety of the whole building: MCKB unit with a double cross-flow exchanger and recirculation (supply: 23900m3/h; exhaust: 22600m3/h), and 3 MCK units with cross-flow exchangers. 

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