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Muza Leisure Centre

ul. Świętopełka 11, 84-141 Jurata


Muza Leisure Centre is a modern and comfortable facility located in Jurata - a beauty spot of the Hel Peninsula. The resort’s location favours active leisure, walking escapades and recreation. The facility has been equipped, among other things, with top-quality air conditioning and ventilation units by KLIMOR.


In September 2011 the company installed, among the others, the following devices: 2 supply and exhaust MCK units with rotary exchangers and a heat pump system with the capacities of 2500m3/h (300Pa) and 4500m3/h (300Pa) respectively designed for the conference room and the bowling alley, 2 supply and exhaust MCK units with cross-flow exchangers designed for the restaurant (MCK with the supply and exhaust air capacity values of 2500m3/h (300Pa) as well as hotel restrooms (MCK with the supply and exhaust air capacity values of 2060m3/h (300Pa); 1800m3/h, a suspended unit designed for the kitchen space and 3 ventilation and air conditioning AWKO devices with cross-flow exchangers with air capacity values of 700m3/h (300Pa), 750m3/h (300Pa), 2000m3/h (300Pa) designed for the gym, the beauty parlour and the kitchen.


An MCKB unit with double heat recovery on a heat pipe and a heat pump with the supply and exhaust air capacity value of 4500m3/h and the compression value of 300Pa, provides all users of the indoor swimming pool with full air comfort


Making every effort to guarantee air comfort for all visitors at the resort KLIMOR applier various types of devices, used modern components and technological solutions. 

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