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Nowy Styl

ul. Fabryczna 6G, 38-200 Jasło


The Nowy Styl company was established in 1992 as a family company that produced chairs. After 20 years of operating in the market as Grupa Nowy Styl, the company has become one of the largest producers of chairs and furniture in the world. The group consists of a few equity-related companies operating in 12 countries. The corporation employs around 6000 people and sells its products under 4 brands in nearly 60 countries. Currently, the company produces 8 million chairs a year in factories of overall area of 210000m2. Furniture by Nowy Styl can be found in offices and houses around the world; cafes, restaurants and in stadiums. Thousands of people sit on chairs made by the Nowy Styl Group.


In 2007, one of the Nowy Styl Group's factories in Krosno was equipped with KLIMOR air-conditioning and ventilation solution suited for the worldwide known chair producer. The project included MCKD roof unit with airflow of: supply - 27000m3/h (600Pa), and exhaust - 27000m3/h (800Pa)

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