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Private Specialist Hospital ‘PRO-FAMILIA’ in Rzeszow

ul. Witolda 6B, 35-302 Rzeszów


The Private Specialist Hospital ‘PRO-FAMILIA’ in Rzeszow is a modern facility with neonatal, obstetric and gynaecological profile. Within the facility there are the abovementioned wards: neonatal, obstetric and a unified ward of gynaecology, urology and surgery as well as a modern diagnostic imaging laboratory. A public clinic and a dental clinic also constitute integral parts of the hospital.


KLIMOR, at the turn of June and July 2010 as well as in later years was the main supplier of ventilation and air conditioning systems for this facility. In total there are 33 units of different type including the following: suspended hygienic supply and exhaust AHUs, hygienic supply and exhaust AHUs with cross-flow exchangers as well as roof type hygienic AHUs with varied air flow indexes.  


KLIMOR units used in the designed air conditioning and ventilation system guarantee appropriate heat comfort conditions for patients and medical staff in, among other things, operating theatres, the labour ward, hospital rooms, neonatal unit’s rooms, laboratories, the diagnostic imaging laboratory, the dental surgery as well as on corridors and in social and utility rooms and cloakrooms. The applied AHUs are distinguished by their air capacity values ranging from 2000m3/h to 5800m3/h as well as the compression value ranging from 400 to 900Pa.


The highest class of subcomponents applied in the production process as well as perfect precision of manufacture approved by the National Institute of Hygiene makes KLIMOR AHUs the best solution in the field of ventilation and air conditioning dedicated to clean technologies.

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