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Galeria Portius /Portius Departament Store

ul. Bursaki 29a, 38-400 Krosno


Galeria Portius /Portius Departament Store/ is one of the most popular and most fashionable department stores in Krosno. Its air conditioned shopping area of 3000 m2 designed on two floors holds shops, boutiques as well as service points. Many renowned manufacturers of women’s and men’s and kid’s clothing meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers have had their stores here since 2007. 


Low operation and investment costs were decisive in the process of choosing KLIMOR devices as the best air conditioning and ventilation solution for the Portius Department Store. The system, designed on the basis of 2 suspended air conditioning PCK units and 4 MCK units, provides air ventilation and conditioning to all boutiques inside the store as well as a nearby restaurant.


Two suspended PCK units installed in the restaurant are distinguished by the supply air capacity value of 3500m3/h and 3000m3/h and the disposable compression value of 200Pa. Whereas MCK units with the supply and exhaust air capacity values ranging from 6030m3/h to 16000m3/h and the compression value ranging from 250Pa to 600Pa work and provide the highest possible air comfort to all shoppers. 

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