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Stena Line ships

Swedish car and passenger ferries „Stena Hollandica” and „Stena Britannica” are one of the largest ships in the world (length 241 metres, width 28.7 metres and max draught 6.4 metres). The twin vessels, which belong to Stena Line ferry operator, are adapted to transport 1200 passengers, 380 cars and 200 trailers, they used to travel on the route between England and the Netherlands, and after modernization they travel on the route between Germany and Sweden. Their maximum speed is 22 knots. There is a large infrastructure on the docks, which, among others, include: restaurants, bars, cinemas, playing rooms for children, exchange offices and open-air dock bars.


In 2010 Stocznia Gdańskiej Remontowa SA renovated the ferries. The main aim was to build new passenger cabins in additional dock sections. Other passenger parts of the ferries were also modernized, including the restaurants. What is more, a routine dock maintenance works were carried out. These works included installation of KLIMOR MCKM units with air flow rate of 2500m3/h and available external static pressure (AESP) of1000Pa. KLIMOR also equipped the ferries with a network of air supply for dock sections. 

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