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Moniecka Spółdzielnia Mleczarska – Dairy processing plant in Mońki

ul. Mickiewicza 62, 19-100 Mońki


The dairy processing plant in Mońki is situated in the basin of the river Biebrza. It is one of the most modern and fastest developing dairy processing plants in Poland. The company specializes in production of various types of cheese, butter and powdered products. The production process is carried out with the use of the latest technology. The highest quality of products is ensured by constant supervision in each stage of the production process.


Recent large capital expenditure has made the company constantly develop and modernize. The company has been equipped with the highest quality air-conditioning and ventilation solutions by the KLIMOR company.

In 2001-2010 recirculation unit (34000m3/h) and a unit with cross-flow exchanger (3000m3/h, in rooms for brine washes, and the cheese packaging room), a unit with cross-low exchanger (4110m3/h) and a suspended unit (2310m3/h, laboratories and staff changing rooms). For other rooms, such as: butter room, cheese melting room and cheese works room, 3 roof units were installed with a heat pipe in works room II and CIP unit. The highest quality of air is ensured with the use of a unit with glycol exchanger – 30000m3/h and an acid-proof unit with glycol exchanger – 15000m3/h. Cheese maturing room was equipped with 5 roof units with circulation of: 10000m3/h–24000m3/h, 2 units with a cross-flow exchanger and 2 suspended units of 3500m3/h each. Other rooms of the plant were equipped with professional air-conditioning and ventilating systems in 2007-2010 when 4 MCKD roof units and 1 MCK unit of various flow rate of supply and exhaust air were installed. 


In the period of 2011-2012 there were another investments made, as a result of which KLIMOR provided an MCK unit with glycol exchanger and 5 supply and exhaust MCKD roof units of flow rate of supply and exhaust air from 1750m3/h to 30000m3/h.

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