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Galeria Nowy Świat /Nowy Świat Departament Store

ul. Krakowska 20, 35-111 Rzeszów


‘Nowy Świat’ /Nowy Świat Departament Store/ is a modern and elegant place on the map of Rzeszów. On its total usable surface area of over 20 000 m2 there are about 100 stores of fashionable clothing, footwear and household appliances & audio/video devices brands. The facility also houses bars and cafes. The grand opening of the store was held in November 2009. In total KLIMOR supplied 21 units in different configurations and equipped with different components. The vast majority of them were roof type MCKD units but there also were suspended PCK units and standard suspended MCK units. The roof type MCKD units included two sorts of heat recovery like the cross-flow exchanger as well as the double heat recovery system on the rotary exchanger and the heat pump. The devices are distinguished by varied supply and exhaust air capacity parameters. 

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