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Hotel Różany Gaj/Rose Grave Hotel

ul. Korzeniowskiego 19D, 81-376 Gdynia


Hotel Różany Gaj (The Rose Grave Hotel) is located in the most prestigious and modern district of Gdynia – Kamienna Góra. Its location in the nearest vicinity of the city boulevard and the beach favours active leisure, walks and recreation. The hotel was opened in 1926 as one of the first hotels in Tricity. The place combines modernity and history.  


Throughout the last few years the hotel was modernised and renovated. It was equipped with the most updated technology trends in accordance with all requirements. Devices applied on site included, among other things, air conditioning and ventilation units by KLIMOR. The manufacturer, making every effort to provide all people enjoying the attractions of the hotel with air comfort used modern components and constructional solutions.


The units applied on the site include the following: two supply and exhaust MCK units equipped with a cross-flow exchanger with the supply air capacity value of 800m3/h (250Pa); 3200m3/h (200Pa) respectively and the exhaust air capacity values of 800m3/h (200Pa), 3200m3/h (200Pa) as well as 2 supply and exhaust MCK units equipped with a rotary exchanger with the supply and exhaust air capacity values of 1200m3/h (200Pa); 3200m3/h (200Pa) respectively. The devices were dedicated to operate in the restaurant, kitchen, conference room and SPA rooms. 


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