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Sanocki Dom Kultury /Community Centre in Sanok

ul. Mickiewicza 24, 38-500 Sanok


Sanocki Dom Kultury (The community centre in Sanok) is a modern facility propagating widely understood culture. The main principles that the institution’s operations are based on include education through art which is realized on various levels – ranging from amateur movement to national festivals. It holds regular film projections, art exhibitions and theatre and music performances.


The SDK’s facility, renovated a few years ago, was demonstrated on the exhibition held by the International Architects and Stage Designers’ Association in the National Theatre in Warsaw. It is currently one of the most modern facilities of this kind in the country.


The community centre has a theatre house where numerous cultural events, concerts, film projections and theatre performances take place. The theatre, which can seat almost 400 people, is fully air conditioned thanks to an MCK unit with heat recovery on the rotary exchanger by KLIMOR. Another identical unit is used for conditioning and ventilating office rooms and the cloakroom. As most spectacles and concerts take place at full houses the investor made every effort to ensure that the ventilation and air conditioning system works efficiently and failure free in all conditions considering low operation costs and always provides gathered guests with air comfort. 


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