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Caledonian MacBrayne ships

Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac in short) is one of the largest and oldest Scottish ferry operators. They administrate a fleet of ships that carries passengers and vehicles on different routes along the coast of Scotland and in the mouth of the River Clyde.


In 2007 two ships built in the shipyard in Gdańsk joined the fleet of Caledonian MacBrayne. The ships were built with the use of a number of modern technological solutions, which began a new standard in the fleet of CalMac.


The KLIMOR company supplied on of the ferries with 3 MCKM air conditioning units with air flow rate, respectively: 12000m3/h (2000Pa); 20000m3/h(15000Pa) and 5400m3/h (1300Pa), SJ type supply cabinets, and a network of air supply for each dock section. We carried out installation of reinforcement and pipeline fitting with tightness and strength tests, and we also prepared the unit for filling with cooling agent.

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