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Sanok Arena

ul. Królowej Bony 4, 38-500 Sanok


MOSiR buildings complex, including a modern sports and entertainment arena „Arena Sanok”, which is situated at the Sanok river basin, at the foot of the Słonne Mountains within the range of the Bieszczady Mountains landscape. The location of the centre and the 40-year experience in the sport and tourism industry, together with constantly increasing quality of provided services make it a unique and regarded as one of the most modern sports facilities in Poland, what is more, sparse even in Europe. 


Inside the arena there are: an ice rink (30 metres by 60 metres), a concert room (300m2), 9 locker rooms for players, 3 cafes and a conference hall. The total usable area of the facility is 7400m2, and its cubic volume is 61500m3. There is enough space for 3000 spectators for an ice hockey matches or other sports events. For other events, such as concerts, fairs or shows, the capacity is up to 5000 people (due to the use of the space usually taken up by the ice rink). 


With such great capacity, in order to ensure the highest quality of the air, the investor decided to implement solutions provided by a recognized brand which is KLIMOR. The contractor implemented in the building 7 supply and exhaust MKCD roof units with heat recovery equipped with a rotary heat exchanger of the flow rate of supply air of  2400m3/h to 53400m3/h, and the flow rate of exhaust air of 1800m3/h to 53400m3/h and available external static pressure (AESP) of 300Pa to 450Pa. High quality of the products guarantees long-lasting and unfailing operation which ensures comfort for all users of the arena. 

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