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Non-public Heath Care Institute BIK-MED in Puck

ul. Armii Wojska Polskiego 16, 84-100 Puck


Non-public Heath Care Institute BIK-MED in Puck is a new health care facility. The clinic operates as a multi-specialist outpatients’ care centre and provides wide scope of medical and rehabilitation services. The clinic is fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment and it provides comfortable conditions of stay for all patients.


The facility is equipped with a professional air conditioning and ventilation system that was designer on the basis of KLIMOR devices meeting rigorous air treatment requirements defined for health care facilities. It has a modern operating theatre equipped with a KLIMOR’s laminar NSL 3/3-8 ceiling as well as a modular air conditioning hygienic MCKH AHU with a humidifier with the supply air capacity value of 3420m3/h and the exhaust air capacity value of 3120m3/h; as well as in such elements as KWH grills, TR noise silencers and intake ventilators with absolute filters.

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