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Hematology and Transfusiology Institute in Warsaw

ul. Indiry Gandhi 14, 02-776 Warszawa



Hematology and Transfusiology Institute in Warsaw was opened in 1951. It is currently the main national scientific centre. Its operation is aimed at providing medical services and running scientific research, clinical research and development works in the sphere of hematology, transfusiology and related disciplines. The Institute is an advisory body in the scope of its specializations and in some case it is also an executive body of the Ministry of Health.


KLIMOR has already delivered AHUs in different configurations and with different parameters depending on the foredesign and investment principles for this facility twice. The first project was realized in 2004 and the second one in September 2011 – devices delivered in this batch operate in the new part of the facility.


Applied KLIMOR devices include the following: 2 supply MCK units with the air capacity values of 575m3/h (500Pa) and 775m3/h (500Pa) respectively, a supply and exhaust AHU with a cross-flow exchanger and a hygienic MCKH humidifier with the supply air capacity value of 4500m3/h (800Pa) and the exhaust air capacity value of 3600m3/h (600Pa), 2 supply and exhaust hygienic MCKH AHUs with cross-flow exchanger with the supply air capacity values of 1900m3/h (800Pa) and 1310m3/h (600Pa) respectively and the exhaust air capacity values of 1665m3/h (600Pa) and 1210m3/h (500Pa) respectively as well as 3 supply and exhaust MCK AHUs with a cross-flow exchanger with different air capacity values. The rooms of the institute were also fitted with laminar NSL ceilings and intake ventilators with absolute ANF and KNF type filters that had been manufactured according to rigorous standards concerning air purity. 

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