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OBC Olivia Business Centre

al. Grunwaldzka 186, 80-258 Gdańsk


Olivia Business Centre(OBC) constitutes one of the biggest business office complexes in northern Poland. It is located in the centre of the Tricity agglomeration in Grunwaldzka Avenue which is the main artery connecting the cities. The facility is to provide 120 000 m2 of top standard modern office space. Its architectural design was developed by Konior&Partners – a renowned design agency which had designed, among other things, several modern office parks in Warsaw.   


In December 2011 the first stage of the construction process was completed. The building was named Olivia Gate and it offered the usable surface area of 18 000 m2. The arrangement of rooms and communication ducts inside the building was designed in such a way so as to ensure both maximum usage the office space as well as maximum flexibility of its division.  The air comfort in this incredible facility is guaranteed by KLIMOR devices.   



In April 2011 the manufacturer delivered 8 MCKD roof units with supply and exhaust air capacities being 1768m3/h; 2659m3/h; 4700m3/h, 5460m3/h; 38619m3/h, 44327m3/h respectively and the compression values reaching 200Pa; 300Pa and 500Pa. The units were equipped with two types of heat recovery modules – a cross-flow exchanger as well as a rotary one. The system was prepared by Creon Sp. z o.o. from Gdynia. In 2012 the construction of another two buildings – OliviaPoint and OliviaTower was commenced. They are to be ready for operation at the end of 2012.


Olivia Point & Tower are buildings with total usable surface area of 9 600 m2 and 14 200m2 respectively including parking places. According to the design Olivia Point & Tower will be connected up to the fifth floor which is to increase rented office space without the necessity of changing the office’s location.

For the above described buildings the air conditional units were delivered, as in the case of the first building, by KLIMOR. The manufacturer supplied 3 roof type units equipped with heat recovery on the rotary exchanger with the supplied air capacities of 24210m3/h (500Pa); 24880m3/h (500Pa); 66460m3/h (500Pa) and the exhaust air capacities of 24910m3/h (500Pa); 22320m3/h (500Pa); 64960m3/h (500Pa).

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