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Neptun Aquapark in Radom

ul. Wyścigowa 49, 26-604 Radom


At the edge of two districts of Radom – Idalin and Ustronie, an impressive water-attractions centre called  AQUAPARK NEPTUN was put into use by the end of 2010. The new facility offers a wide range of new attractions – a 25-metre swimming pool with six lanes, a recreational-training swimming pool, a recreational swimming pool with two slides, a swimming pool for children, Jacuzzi, cave of waves and a sauna. Additionally, there is an ice rink open during winter season.

Concerning safety of the facility and in order to ensure the highest quality of air, the investor decided to implement KLIMOR brand air-conditioning units. The installation project includes supply and exhaust MKCB roof unit with a cross-flow exchanger, a heat pump and recirculation (supply and exhaust of 6500m3/h) as well as 2 supply and exhaust MCKB units (supply: 22800m3/h, exhaust: 23300m3/h (350Pa).

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