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Alfa Centrum

ul. Kołobrzeska 41c, 80-391 Gdańsk


The ALFA CENTRUM shopping and service centre in Gdansk was erected in 2002. It is a modern, 5-storey public facility with the total surface area of 54 000m2 including numerous commercial and office rooms as well as a cinema theatre. The most widely recognized clothing and footwear brands targeting various age groups as well as shops whose offer constitutes the basis of everyday existence such as groceries, a tea shop, a wine shop, a chemist’s, household appliances & audio/video devices store or a bookshop have their shops here.


Out of many different offers, it was KLIMOR which was chosen to deliver the project of a complete ventilation and air conditioning system in garage rooms with the total surface area of 20 000m2 located on two underground floors. In this case KLIMOR applied a solution based on modular MCK air-conditioning units. Their construction enables designing any functional sets streamlining the process of transporting units and assembling them on site. 

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