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BCB Bałtyckie Centrum Biznesu /Baltic Business Centre

ul. Azymutalna 9, 80-298 Gdańsk


The investment of BCB Business Park is a modern office complex located in the vicinity of the Lech Walesa airport in Gdańsk that not only covers office buildings but also conference and exhibition halls, restaurants and hotels. BCB Business Park does not only mean offices but also infrastructure created for comfortable development of business meeting highest quality standards and providing huge open green areas. The execution of the project was commenced in 2011. Klimor delivered 2 on-roof units equipped with heat recovery on the rotary exchanger with supply and exhaust air capacities reaching 37000m3/h (600Pa) and 38250m3/h (600Pa) and 32210m3/h (600Pa) and 3220m3/h(600Pa) respectively for one of the ready buildings. The completion of all investment stages is planned for 2015.


The interesting architecture of the building, modern finishing and unique location make the building incredibly attractive. Delivered AHUs by KLIMOR guarantee air comfort to people being and working inside the building’s offices and the cross-flow exchanger modules applied in the air conditioning units significantly reduce its exploitation cost.

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