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New names for a range of diffusers, outlets and ventilation grills produced by KLIMOR


GWB – that's a new name for the ventilation grills' range, while DWB – for diffusers and outlets made by KLIMOR SA. New code markings have been introduced for HVAC network components which are currently available on the market.


GWB-type grills are designed to be installed on air inlets and outlets of air supply and air extract ventilation or air-conditioning systems. These components can be equipped with D-type control dampers which enable adjustment of air flow. They can be also equipped with the MF frame enabling attachment of the grill to a duct. GWN range grills can operate together with PB-type expansion boxes. There are G1 and G2 steel grills, G3 and G4 aluminum grills and G5 hygienic grills.


DWB-type diffusers and outlets are also designed to be installed on air inlets and outlets of ventilation or air-conditioning systems. They are installed in ceiling air inlets and outlets, where based on a air supply/extract method, we divide them into: A1 square type and S1; S2; S3; SR1; SQ1, SLR1 round/swirl type.

A specific feature of S-type diffusers is high induction level caused by vortical air outflow, which results in quick room temperature compensation.


DWB diffusers and air outlets as well as GWB grills hold the HK/B/1117/01/2014 H&S Certificate issued by National Institute of Hygiene (PZH, Państwowy Zakład Higieny).

To learn more please contact our technical and sales consultants - available across Poland. >>  

Ventilation system components offered by KLIMOR SA are well suited to serve a purpose and have got aesthetic design – that is why they fully meet requirements of any modern interior as well as any requirements stated in corresponding standards and project regulations.


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