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Range naming change: Diffusers with absolute filters


HFD (Hepa Filter Diffuser) – is the new range name of diffusers with absolute filters manufactured by KLIMOR. Currently available ANF, KNF, NVF, NVRF, NVRSF diffusers have received new code designations.


HFD diffusers with absolute filters are manufactured in six versions of outflow plane. Additionally, depending on the unit type, they are available with four variants of AHU system connectors as well as different material technology. All HFD range diffusers are equipped with stub pipes enabling connection of pressure controls, and optionally, they can be fitted with stub pipe for examining aerosol concentration upstream of the filter.

Moreover, the tight damper can be fitted to the round connectors.


HFD diffusers with absolute filters hold the HK/B/0885/01/2014 H&S Certificate issued by National Institute of Hygiene (PZH, Państwowy Zakład Higieny).


To learn more please contact our technical and sales consultants available across Poland. >>  



Diffusers and other sanitary-related range of products offered by our company meet the highest functional demands and they are designed in line with requirements stated in the regulations and guidelines related to hospitals and clean rooms.

Our diffusers equipped with high-performance HEPA absolute filters help prevent infections successfully and maintain microbiological cleanliness at the required level.


The certifications recognized by the industry experts and processionals guarantee the highest quality level of KLIMOR brand. The products are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) and hold the CE marking certifying their conformity with EU Directives.



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