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New offer in Klimor - compact air handling unit with heat pump or water heater - MCKT-HX, HPX


We are pleased to announce the new possibilities of MCKT compact air handling units produced by KLIMOR. Currently, the MCKT unit range has been expanded with new versions MCKT-HX, HPX.


Compact air handling units MCKT-HX/HPX are standalone, factory wired units, which do not require any auxiliary systems, suitable for sus­pension under the ceiling, available in 2 execu­tions:

  •  MCKT-HX: supply and exhaust system with heat (cold) recovery, on cross-flow heat ex­changer and water heater
  •  MCKT-HPX: supply and exhaust system with heat (cold) recuperation, on cross-flow heat exchanger and heat pump system


Air is subjected to following processes: filtra­tion [G4], heat (cold) recuperation on plate cross-flow heat-exchanger, recovery using heat pump, with heating function in winter and cooling function in summer. The unit is equipped with control system and is ready for installation.

  • double heat recuperation system: cross-flow heat exchanger and heat pump
  • complete cooling module in heat pump mode
  • electric NGE or water NGS duct pre-heaters
  • free configuration of ventilation openings – 16 combinations available
  • 3 sizes.
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