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ECO ACADEMY HVACR – a new series of KLIMOR trainings



Since the beginning of 2014 the KLIMA-THERM Group has been running a project named ECO ACADEMY HVACR with the participation of EU funds. ACO ACADEMY HVACR is a series of open, free-of-charge trainings as well as individual consultancy directed to employees of companies designing, assembling and servicing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems (HVACR). The scheme is mainly aimed at boosting pro-ecological activities in small and medium companies by means of increasing the awareness and expanding the knowledge in the field of environment friendly technologies and renewable energy sources and through factual implementation of pro-ecological solutions.


The training and consultancy scheme ECO ACADEMY HVACR is co-financed by European Union resources within POLK/2.1.1/2012/ZS, lasts from January 2014 to May 2015 and its estimated value including the consultancy element  reached the amount of PLN 1,683,972.52 The project is being realized all over the country.

First trainings within ECO ACADEMY took place already in March and the subject of air ventilation AHUs is going to appear during trainings in September this year and it will include such issues as ventilation and air conditioning theory related to energy recovery, energy recovery regulations, different types of energy recovery, sample units, automatics and control systems, counter-frost protections, energy recovery efficiency adjustment, energy recovery systems’ investment and operation cost analysis. There will also be practical workshops involving the KAD AHU selection application.


A detailedschedule along with trainings’ locations and subjects are available at an especially prepared platform at www.ekoAKADEMIA.klima-therm.pl.


The scheme also provides for professional consultancy in the field of diagnosing the applied solutions and systems’ impact on natural environment as well as assistance in the development of documentation on the application of concrete pro-ecological activities in the field of HVACR.


‘Especially for the participants of the project we have prepared a series of interesting trainings that will certainly help us expand our knowledge and increase our pro-ecological awareness concerning the HVACR trade. Free-of-charge consultancy services providing each participant with ready-made and environment-friendly solutions to be applied immediately in one’s professional practice constitute one of the biggest assets of the entire enterprise’ – said Mr Paweł Deska, the Deputy Technical Director and the Project Manager of ECO ACADEMY HVACR.


We would like to invite all interested to our eco-trainings!


For more details regarding the project go to www.ekoakademia.klima-therm.pl

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