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KLIMOR supports local sports initiatives


KLIMOR, a company being a part of the KLIMA-THERM capital group, has initiated actions in the field of local sports marketing, that are basically aimed at supporting small sports initiatives in the close neighbourhood of the company.


The Environment Engineering Department of the Technical University of Wrosław has become one of the project's beneficiaries. Within the established sponsoring cooperation KLIMOR received the status of a partner supporting the football team representing the Department in the spring games of the Interdepartment Football League. The KLIMOR logo is presented on the players' jerseys as well as in all key internet media related to the university, the students' self-government as the football league itself.


Apart from the academic environment KLIMOR is also actively involved in supporting football clubs propagating active lifestyle in local societies including, among other things, sponsoring the 'Rewska Szkuta' sailing team operating in the basin of the PuckaBay. Branding 5 regatta boats taking part in all competitions organized by the club contextually underlines the origin of the brand and its relation with the off-shore market regarding one group of air conditioning and ventilation products on offer. Local promotion of KLIMOR in the lately opened spring and summer season also covers sponsoring the cycling team in Gdynia. Interestingly, there are also some of the company's employees in the team which adds even more value to the whole idea.


The idea of sports marketing means taking advantage of the assets of sport and other related positive emotions occuring in the process of creating and developing the sponsor's brand. We consider promoting our company through supporting local sports initiatives as one of the tools of building the KLIMOR brand awareness in the nearest business environment of the organization. These operations are also aimed at underlining our understanding and support for the concept of business' social responsibility seen as the company's active involvement in various enterprises that are important from the perspective of a particular society's functioning. – summarises Ms Ewa Pilarska – the Marketing and PR Director in the KLIMA-THERM Group.

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