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KLIMOR EVO receives Eurovent certificate


Klimor’s EVO ventilation units have gained a prestigious Eurovent certificate, confirming the compliance of the equipment selection schedule and the presented technical data with the results of tests conducted in independent European research centres. The certificate also confirms the correctness of equipment design and construction methods, continuously employed by KLIMOR Research and Development Division at each stage of product development.  


Many years of experience and continued improvement of KLIMOR products have yielded a line of KLIMOR EVO ventilation and air conditioning units – state-of-the-art, energy-efficient devices. They are produced in two versions, depending on housing framework material: steel and composite, and in several technological versions, adapter to the air system type.


Eurovent is an international organization founded in 1993, and dealing with standardization of technical data in air conditioning, cooling and ventilation equipment in accordance with European and international standards. The tasks of Eurovent Certification Company include support for fair competition and provision of equal conditions for competition on the market. EUROVENT certification allows a user to consciously choose a device operating in accordance with design specification and estimate the energy consumption costs at the operation level. The document certifies correctness of selection and technical parameters declared by the manufacturer.


A EUROVENT certificate is, above all, a guarantee of premium quality of production of KLIMOR EVO ventilation equipment. This document assures both investors and designers that the devices offered by us meet the expectations in terms of technical parameters stated by us. It is a credible certificate, confirmed by an independent institution, proving the compliance of the data included in product catalogues and in the KLIMOR EVO equipment selection schedule with the assumptions of the designed HVACR system - emphasizes Marek Kupiec, President of the Management Board of KLIMOR.


The certificate granted by Eurovent proves the reliability of parameters of KLIMOR equipment and the top level of specialist knowledge possessed by employees involved in the design and production process. A Eurovent Certificate guarantees and confirms that Klimor EVO ventilation units comply with European standards and declarations.

For details of the full schedule and procedure of certification, visit: www.eurovent–certification.com


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