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On 11 January, Klima-Therm Group held an internal sales conference in the HolidayInn Hotel in Józefów near Warsaw. The conference "Summary of 2018, Plans for 2019" was attended by the company's management as well as Klimor's whole sales structure and representatives of the units that directly support sale activities.


Above all, this annual conference celebrated the end and summary of the selling year in Klima-Therm Group, where Klimor is one of the leading entities. This year's event, attended by 163 participants, was the Sales Department's biggest internal conference ever. This is a consequence of an increase in employment and intensive development of Klima-Therm Group as an organisation. For the first time the event was attended by the staff of Clima-Produkt, Barbor and Quatrovent, i.e. companies operating under the Klimor brand.

The sales conference climax was the ceremony of awards and distinctions for the Best Salespersons of 2018 and the announcement of the individual competition results, with its attractive main prize being a training and integration trip to the US west coast.

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