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Klimor strikes 50!


Klimor, a Polish manufacturer of air conditioning and ventilation systems is going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its operation on the market this year. The company was initially connected with the shipping industry and today it is a leading supplier of top-class technological solutions designed for all key markets of recipients. Half a century of tradition and experience of KLIMOR has already resulted in a stable position of the company in Poland as well as its dynamic expansion on foreign markets including the USA.


KLIMOR company was established in 1967 in Gdynia. The initial stage of the producer’s operation was devoted to the marine industry – the company then supplied air conditioning and ventilation units for ships and marine vessels swimming on waters all around the world. When in 1974 Klimor developed a prototype of the first Polish ventilation unit and implemented its solution into regular production, the company was already a leading supplier of Polish ship-building industry as well as a recognized exporter in the biggest European markets. The beginning of the 1980’s turned out to be a milestone in the history of KLIMOR – the producer ‘goes ashore’ and, at the same time, expands the portfolio of offered devices with systems designed for public utility buildings, service buildings, industrial facilities, office buildings, hotels etc. The next two decades bring about another revolutionary changes including the most important one – Klimor’s entrance to specialist markets. The company develops a production line with solutions tailored to specific needs of so-called clean technologies including air conditioning and ventilation units for, among other things, hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities as well as systems dedicated for rooms with high levels of humidity i.e. indoor swimming pools. Another iconic moment which adds even more dynamics to the manufacturer’s business operation is winning over a new strategic investor at the end of 2010 – and it is under the umbrella of KLIMA-THERM Group where Klimor reaches a stable position of one of the leading players on the HVACR market in Poland and introduces the North American market by means of establishing the subsidiary company of Klimor USA Inc. with its seat in the state of Georgia in 2015.

- The 50th anniversary of our company’s operations constitutes a natural cause for numerous summaries, memories as well as inclines towards delineating further ambitious goals. Whatever lies ahead of us, and I do believe that the company still has a number of successful decades filled with interesting challenges to go through, today I am more than convinced that the 50 years’ experience and tradition supported by hard work and deep involvement of its employees representing not only one but a few generations offers a firm foundation and huge potential for its further development – says Mr Marek Kupiec, the CEO in Klimor.


Know-how and a well thought out portfolio meeting the needs of all key markets and recipients of air conditioning and ventilation products, a modern production background, export operations, the company’s openness to new sales markets and a strong investor which is KLIMA-THERM Group – all these elements constitute strong foundations of business success that Klimor has been working hard to achieve for the last 50 years. The success would not have been possible without the involvement of its employees who form a team of almost 200 people – experts and specialists of the HVACR trade.

- It is the people who create our company and constitute our biggest asset on the market. Personal involvement of our employees in the process of shaping the organization, their expertise, skills as well as passion and high awareness of the role they play within the team – they all form the biggest asset of the company and the Klimor brand at the same time – underlines Mr Marek Kupiec.

It was in in Rzucewo (Pomeranian province) on 9th June this year where the grand celebration of the 50th anniversary of Klimor’s operation on the market was held as a sign of appreciation for all the employees of the company.


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