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A new office of KLIMOR and the Academy of KLIMA-THERM Group in Warsaw!


It was in Warsaw this time where KLIMOR opened its new sales office which was transferred to the modern interiors of the office block at 101A Ostrobramska Street. Next to the office there is the third Academy of KLIMA-THERM Group in Poland – a specialist training and research centre as well as a showroom of flagship products included in the company’s portfolio.


Apart from KLIMOR the new KLIMA-THERM Group’s office located in the modern interiors of the office spaces at 101A Ostrobramska Street is used by KLIMA-THERM and FG Poland. KLIMA-THERM Group hasn’t changed its address but moved to an almost 700m2 office designed according to the latest trends in design and work comfort. The new office in Warsaw is, most importantly, a comfortable place to provide assistance to KLIMOR’s customers as well as run trainings – the statutory operation of the Academy of KLIMA-THERM Group.

The Academy – the most representative part of the office is composed of a 150m2 open space designed in a modern style which offers a lecture room and an exhibition room joined with an elegant café as well as a spacious reception lobby. The product exhibition covers already metered air conditioning and ventilation AHUs with all operation mode functionalities in the field of cooling and heating. As soon as in April the Academy of KLIMA- THERM Group in Warsaw will exhibit the latest unit of the ‘KLIMOR EVO’ AHU which has especially been prepared for training purposes and some other innovations including, among other things, the full range of latest controllers and control interfaces. The exposition of devices is going to be extended and modernized constantly along with the development of the sales offer of KLIMA-THERM and KLIMOR.

Apart from the Academy, the office part is composed of a few open space module separated with glass conference rooms and some offices. The space, which is unique with regard to its design and the way of arrangement, has been designed in a modern style combining both industrial elements referring to the engineering profile of the company and different accents which warm up the office arrangement and make it more home-like. The leading white and grey colours which optically deepen the space and lighten the entire interior up, have been strengthened with vivid colours referring to, among other things, the new visual identification of KLIMA-THERM and KLIMOR.

As we aimed at creating a worker-friendly space that favours comfortable work, team integration as well as relaxation, a staff room designed as an elegant and a big-city café, was  located directly next to the kitchen and properly equipped to suit all tastes and needs. The space, being an integral part of the Academy, was called ‘Coffee Break’.  The same idea formed the grounds for the ‘Chill Out Room’ – another unusual solutions which, apart from being a relaxation zone, can also be used as an informal conference room.

It was on 17th March 2017 when the Academy and the new Warsaw office were solemnly launched with the participation of the board of KLIMA-THERM Group, employees and numerous guests including clients, business partners as well as trade media representatives. The inauguration lecture was given by Prof. Dariusz Butrymowicz PhD, Eng. from the Technical University of Białystok, who demonstrated an incredibly interesting and innovative project based on the technology of producing cool from a low-temperature heat source.

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