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Premiere presentation of KLIMOR products in North America during AHR Expo


KLIMOR, a leading Polish supplier of air conditioning and ventilation systems, is currently introducing its brand into the American market. The premiere demonstration of products from the new typeline of ‘Klimor EVO’ devices dedicated to investors in North America took place in Las Vegas during AHR Expo – the biggest HVACR trade fair held at the end of January this year. The manufacturer is expanding its business operation in the USA through one of the KLIMA-THERM Group’s companies: Klimor USA Inc. having its seat in the state of Georgia.

The presence of KLIMOR on AHR Expo (Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition) trade fair, held in Las Vegas between 30th January and 1st February, constituted an official inauguration of the operation of the Polish manufacturer in North America. AHR Expo, the biggest meeting of the HVACR trade in the world with more than 85-year tradition, gathered more than 2,000 exhibitors and almost 60,000 visitors – suppliers, distributors, commercial and industrial system designers as well as investors. Both the wide recognition and the scale of this event created a perfect context for the American premiere of the KLIMOR brand not only giving it prestigious character but also providing the manufacturer with a possibility to present offered solutions to a wide group of potential clients.

In the KLIMOR box, firmed by Klimor USA Inc. – one of the KLIMA-THERM Group companies located in the state of Georgia, the manufacturer demonstrated, among Rother things, modular air conditioning and ventilation AHUs from the New ‘Klimor EVO’ typeline. These devices were designed thinking of specific constructional and functional needs of recipients in North America and according to defined certification requirements valid in the USA maintaining top standards of craftsmanship referring to the entire line of KLIMOR products.

- The visitors, who came to the KLIMOR’s box, paid most attention to the quality of our AHUs usually associated with premium products. Attention to detail, top-class components as well as innovative material solutions i.e. zinc and magnesium coating unique for its anti-corrosion features are only a few aspects, which considerably contributed to the high position of the KLIMOR’s offer compared to other competitive solutions – notices Mr Marek Kupiec, the Chief Executive Officer in KLIMOR. – Another significant asset, which American recipients found really surprising, was the system construction of our devices reflected in attractive price combined with favourable order leadtimes – he adds.

During the three days of AHR Expo trade fair in Las Vegas, the KLIMOR box was visited by a couple of hundreds of people. Huge interest in devices, production facilities as well as the brand’s origin and its history were all reflected in numerous meetings and newly established contacts which were a promising introduction to already realized regular sales in the territory of the United States of America and to further business development of KLIMA-THERM Group in North America.


Klimor USA Inc., the American representation of the Polish manufacturer, is directed by Mr Dariusz Szylman, CEO: a manager and a lawyer with successful professional experience in managing and supervising various companies in Europe and the USA who has been working in the HVACR trade for 15 years now.

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Klimor on AHR Expo 2017
Klimor on AHR Expo 2017
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