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KLIMOR strikes 50 and introduces a new logo!


KLIMOR – the leading manufacturer of air conditioning and ventilation systems - has a new logo which combines the company’s modernity and dynamics with tradition and experience of the last 50 years. The implementation of the refreshed graphic sign constitutes a symbolic inauguration of the golden Jubilee of KLIMOR and crowns a period of intensive changes made within the organization under the umbrella of KLIMA-THERM Group. Rebranding is also an announcement of the company’s opening to new products and markets including business development on the strategic market of North America.


In the incoming year 2017 KLIMOR is celebrating the 50 years of its operation. The round, golden anniversary of the company’s existence as well as all restructuring changes made within the organization in the last few years of its operation under the umbrella of KLIMA-THERM Group have become a natural context and the reason for KLIMOR’s decision concerning implementation of a new visual identification.

The new KLIMOR logo is of evolutionary character with regard to the previous identification of the company. Not only has the textual demonstration of the company been modified, but also the graphic form accompanying the name. A modern technical font with sharp edges which underlines the engineering profile of the company is the most characteristic feature of the new logotype. The leading colour of the logo, its base, is navy blue in the shade taken from the previous version of the logo which is to symbolize cultivation of tradition of supplying top-class air conditioning and ventilation products. The distinguishing element of the previous version of the logo – a part of the steering wheel – has been replaced with a new graphic form which imitates airflow with its dynamic shape and softened colours and refers to the essence of KLIMOR’s operation. The symbolic meaning of the new, three-element graphic share integrated with the logotype is also a reference to the wide portfolio of offered solutions, dynamics of changes made within the organization as well as emphasis of KLIMOR’s affiliation with KLIMA-THERM Group.

- Changing the logo and the moment of change itself are both something totally natural for us. The new identification perfectly reflects the character of our company on the threshold of the 50th anniversary of its operation – KLIMOR is undoubtedly a modern and dynamic company managed according to the best business practices today. The current logo accurately indicates the engineering specialization of the company, underlines the essence of our operation which is providing air comfort – states Marek Kupiec, the CEO in KLIMOR – The new graphic sign is a revolution but it has been inspired by many-years’ experience based on the imperative which has always been and will always be to provide our clients with top-class AHUs - he adds.

The implementation of a new logo constitutes a symbolic completion of the stage covering key organizational and operational changes within the company as well as announces new directions in business development. The nearest strategic goal of the company supplementing the foundations of its competitive advantage is the introduction of the dedicated typeline of air conditioning and ventilation AHUs signed by the Klimor EVO brand in the American market. The premiere presentation will be held at the end of January 2017 during AHR Expo – the most prestigious and the largest HVACR trade fair in the world.

The New logo of KLIMOR has initiated the process of implementing complete visual identification of the company. All fields of branding application including sales support materials will undergo successive changes and modifications. Moreover, in the second part of 2017 KLIMOR is going to launch its new website which will be designed in accordance with the latest trends in internet marketing. The author and contractor of all designs and projects including the new KLIMOR graphic sign is the marketing and PR department of KLIMA-THERM Group.  

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