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A modern material solution in KLIMOR products.


Innovative product materials engineering, based on ZM zinc and magnesium coating, is a new implementation which has been preceded by thorough research carried out by a team of experienced Research and Development workers of KLIMOR company.


The zinc and magnesium coating is a metallic layer which due to its properties ensures long-term surface protection with a wide range of application. The chemical composition of the material has been modified in such a way to obtain the best anti-corrosion properties.


The application of metal sheet plate with ZM coating in KLIMOR products certainly guarantees the best corrosion resistance higher than the aluminum and zinc (Al-Zn) coated steel as well as galvanized steel. Besides, in caustic environments, the coating gets used slower than the other ones which also ensures durability and strength of a particular product. The coating also ensures self-regeneration on cutting edges as it protects open edges against development of corrosion, due to a thin film including magnesium. The addition of metal creates a stable and strong coating on the entire surface of the metal sheet plate and it ensures much more effective protection against corrosion and coatings with lower content of the element.


The new initiative is a carefully analyzed solution which underlines the fact that KLIMOR products are devices which are fully adapted to the Clients’ expectations and the very idea constitutes a real chance to create market standards for the whole HVACR trade.


KLIMOR company stays consequent in the realization of the series of requirements posed by national as well as international standards. Its products meet all the requirements resulting from, among other things, safety standards (CE) and the principles of the ISO 9001 quality management system. Having the top quality level of offered products in mind the company cares for every single detail starting from the design process, through production to the logistics. KLIMOR products manufactured in the new materials technology based on zinc and magnesium coating undoubtedly constitute an argument speaking of their solidity of workmanship and reliability.


*KLIMOR products manufacture in new materials technology will be available as of September 2016.


In order to obtain more detailed information please contact out Technical and Sales Consultants.


*Refers to selected product lines.

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