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New apps in the automatics of KLIMOR AHUs. Further dimension of control comfort!


With top level of service and control in the field of offered products in mind, KLIMOR is continuously developing, conducting research and implementing new initiatives concerning automatic control. All components are carefully selected and thoroughly analyzed applications enabling professional management and failure free operation of systems.


This time the Research and Development Department has developed and implemented new solutions in the field of automatic control applied in MCKT suspended AHUs by KLIMOR.


Coming towards the expectations of the market KLIMOR is introducing an integrated system of automatic control with a view to units’ operation and setup that is to ensure system’s compatibility within the entire product portfolio. The automatics systems of MCKT AHUs are also equipped with a new control interface – coherent and unified for standard MCKS AHUs by KLIMOR.


Besides MCKT systems will as standard be equipped with a possibility to communicate with Building Management Systems in BACNet MS/TP or MODBUS RTU protocols. Every single controller designed for suspended AHUs by KLIMOR can optionally be equipped with an Ethernet module. The application enables control of an AHU’s operation with the use of mobile devices.


In order to obtain more detailed information please contact our Technical and Sales Consultants.

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