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KLIMOR wins prestigious awards during ‘Forum Wentylacja – Salon Klimatyzacja 2016’ exhibition


KLIMOR, a Polish manufacturer of air conditioning and ventilation units, crowned its participation in the ‘Forum Wentylacja – Salon Klimatyzacja’ exhibition with a few prestigious awards. The Polish Ventilation Association, the organizer of the event, also awarded the company with a DELTA 2016 statue in recognition of its business achievements and the newest KLIMOR’s air conditioning unit equipped with hybrid heat recovery received an award and the title of the ‘Most Interesting Product of 2016’ in the ‘Ventilation’ category.


The 14th edition of the ‘Forum Wentylacja – Salon Klimatyzacja’ exhibition, the biggest convention of the HVACR trade in Poland, was held in Warsaw between 1st and 2nd March. It brought KLIMOR company two important distinctions awarded by the professional circles of the trade. One of them was DELTA 2016 – an award of the Polish Ventilation Association which is an institution of a business character that distinguishes companies showing the highest turnover dynamics in the last three years. DELTA winners were selected on the basis of market research as well as statistical analyses performed on the group of over 300 economic subjects operating in the HVACR trade. KLIMOR, with the result of 124%, came first in the category of grown-up companies, operating on the market for more than 21 years.


- DELTA 2016 both constitutes the best summary and crowns the last five years of KLIMOR’s operation within the KLIMA-THERM Capital Group at the same time. Optimization of the portfolio of devices, involvement of a highly professional sales team as well as implementation of effective business models all contribute to systematical increase in the company’s income placing KLIMOR among the top  suppliers of ventilation AHUs – underlines Mr Andrzej Walendowicz, the Deputy Chairman and Commercial Director in KLIMA-THERM Group.


Yet another success of KLIMOR within special events accompanying this year’s edition of  ‘Forum Wentylacja – Salon Klimatyzacja’ was the title of ‘the Most Interesting Product of 2016’ awarded to the modular KLIMOR MCKS-CPR-HPM air conditioning and ventilation AHU equipped with hybrid heat recovery exhibited in the ‘Technology Arena’. The visitors to the exhibition marked the total number of 64 AHUs submitted for the competition and the KLIMOR device got the most votes in the ‘Ventilation’ category.


The standard, modular MCKS-CPR-HPM ventilation unit equipped with hybrid heat recover, depending on its purpose, appears in both inside and outside version. It is designed to provide ventilation and air conditioning various types of facilities which require reduction of energy consumption. The AHU is composed of sections with F7 class pocket filters on the supply and M5 filters on the exhaust, highly-efficient cross-countercurrent heat recovery, a heat pump with DC INVERTER type compressors as well as fans with direct drive and an EC type built-in motors.  The application of smoothly controlled R410a cooling agent compressors allows obtaining stable temperature inside a room and reduction of energy consumption at the same time. The arrangement of the AHU enables all-year operation with full efficiency of heat recovery. The AHU is equipped with an automatics control system ensuring economical operation of the device and making it possible to connect it to a BMS and control the AHU through an internet website. The application of multi-stage heat recovery as well as an appropriate operation algorithm guarantee EER=8 and COP=21coefficients for the entire AHU. 


The Award for the product by KLIMOR constitutes an especially valuable and glamorizing distinction as it has been granted by the sector environment directly represented by both our clients and business partners. Each visitor to the exhibition had only one vote and exhibitors, which should be explicitly underlined, did not take part in the voting. I treat this distinction mostly as a token of highest trust towards the KLIMOR brand and recognition towards the quality of solutions we provide. I would like to thank all voters for that! – summarizes Mr Marek Kupiec, the Chairman of the Board of KLIMOR S.A. and the Technical Director in KLIMA-THERM Group. 


KLIMOR  took part in  the ‘Forum Wentylacja – Salon Klimatyzacja’ exhibition for the fifth time already and as always demonstrated its wide offer including air conditioning and ventilation units on a stall combining three key and capital-related companies of KLIMA-THERM Group

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