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Participation of KLIMOR products in the most important investments of 2015


KLIMOR company has gone through another intensive year both in the context of dynamic growth and implementation of new product initiative as well as in the field of participation in interesting investments including products from the company’s portfolio.


Year by year KLIMOR can present its new and interesting realizations. In 2015 products included in the offer of KLIMOR as well as the entire Capital Group of KLIMA-THERM found their application in numerous significant facilities of the industrial, service and medical trade.


The flagship products by KLIMOR include standard MCK-S AHUs with heat recovery modules, hygienic MCK-H AHUs as well as suspended MCKT AHUs.


The most important projects of 2015 which are also the most interesting with regard to the very solutions applied in AHUs include the delivery of units to the biggest Polish company in the field of the great chemical synthesis – the AZOTY S.A. Group in Tarnów.

The project included the total number of 10 MCK-S standard AHUs.  The devices were equipped with heat recovery modules on the cross-exchanger. State of the art technology of workmanship, the construction fully made of acid-resistant metal sheet as well as top quality of applied components, also in specialist versions, all constitute a warranty for the investor that KLIMOR AHUs are products which are fully adjusted to work in chemical production environment.


The project of the highest priority, including all products from the KLIMA-THERM Group’s offer, is TENSOR - the newly developed office complex located in Gdynia. This investment, apart from standard MCK-S AHUs with rotary exchangers and humidification as well as MCKT suspended AHUs, also included split type AHUs and condensation aggregates for FUJITSU AHUs, ice water KLIMA – THEM by Clint aggregates as well as over 140 air conditioning convectors by SABIANA. The total cooling power of all delivered products exceeded 0.5MW. The main asset of the investment was underlining the completeness of the applied products from the entire product portfolio of KLIMA-THERM Group whose KLIMOR is a part of. 

In 2015 AHUs by KLIMOR were also applied in the initial stage of expansion and development of Dr Oetker’s production facility in Łebcz. The delivery mainly included standard MCK-S AHUs, hygienic MCK-H AHUs as well as suspended MCKT ones.   


Among all realized medical facilities we should mention Asklepios - the specialist hospital in Rzeszów where 20 KLIMOR AHUs have been applied including 6 suspended recirculation MCKT ones as well as laminar NSL ceilings. The AHUs were equipped with cross-flow exchangers and glycol systems. 


One of the most interesting realizations was also a new shopping facility – Galeria Głogovia – one of the biggest investments in Głogów. The project included 12 KLIMOR AHUs (standard MCK-S AHUs and suspended MCKT ones) with AHUs equipped with heat pumps cooperating with the ‘water loop’. The applied solution fully meets the strict investment requirements as well as underlines the expertise and professionalism of KLIMOR as a manufacturer.


In 2015 KLIMOR again became the supplier for multi-stage investments and those realized in various time intervals. They included the following: Jędrzej Śniadecki Provincial Integrated Hospital and the University Clinical Hospital.  Both these facilities are located in Białystok. The University Clinical Hospital deserves special attention as the project included over 150 KLIMOR AHUs at its all stages. 


The most interesting projects in which KLIMOR devices were used in 2015 included the following:


Medical trade: City hospital in Piekary Śląskie, Radom Oncology Centre, Jan of Dukla Lublin Oncology Centre, University Clinical Hospital in Białystok, Jędrzej Śniadecki Provincial Integrated Hospital in Białystok, Holy Family Specialist Hospital in Poznań, Specialist Medical Service Centre in Poznań,

Office buildings:Krzycka Office inWrocław, MAG in Gdynia, Tensor office complex in Gdynia and C200 in Gdańsk,

Institutions and public utility buildings: Galeria Głogovia in Głogów, Skoda Car Showroom in Zielona Góra,

Swimming facilities:TORWAR Sports and Training Centre in Warsaw,

Apartmenta and hotels: Diune Hotel in Kołobrzeg , PKP hotel in Sopot,

Industry: Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse - Grupa Azoty S.A. in Tarnów (Bulk Fertilizer Warehouse), Dr Oetker in Łebcz (production facility), Mlekovita in Wysokie Mazowieckie, Pollena Ostrzeszów in Ostrzeszów, ROSINSKI PACKAGING in Bielsko - Biała (production facility), Cereal Partners Poland Toruń - Pacific (Nestle) in Toruń.


All the above mentioned investments are only selected examples of this year’s projects realized by KLIMOR. The second half of 2015, which abounded in interesting plans, opened the door to really promising projects for the next year. 

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