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KLIMOR implements a new functionality in its device selection application (KAD).


Making every effort to meet the expectations of the market, KLIMOR company, as of the beginning of October this year, implemented an innovative functionality enabling generation of device drawings in 3D format into its latest edition of ventilation and air conditioning unit selection software called KAD - KLIMOR AIR DESIGNER.


Drawing spatial solids in KAD is a solution that is an inherent part of the current trend of modern design in BIM technology.

Modeling information concerning a particular building (Building Information Modeling) enables realization of complex and often combined processes and analyses which so far have not been realized due to significant cost and construction time.


After performing a complete unit selection, the new functionality in the application enables exporting the device drawing to a 3D format. In this way a solid with drawn connections in the form of valves and flexible connections is created. It also contains a marked frame or spot footings – depending on the unit’s size. All dimensions of the 3D model are real – i.e. length is given in [mm].


The chance of generating a particular KIMOR product as a 3D model makes it possible for the ventilation and air conditioning system’s designer to place the device inside a real machine room or any other place of its destination. At the same time it saves time in 3D design as it is not necessary to change a 2D drawing into a 3D one.


The implemented functionality boosts creativity and innovativeness and offers even more possibilities to designers providing them with competitive advantage as well as increased comfort of work.

For more detailed information please contact our Technical and Sales Assistants.

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