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KLIMOR company, Polish manufacturer of air conditioning and ventilation units, was nominated to prestigious "Quality of 2015" Award within a 10th edition of the contest organized by the Qualitas Foundation. This granted award, which has been based on customers' recommendations, proves the highest quality of KLIMOR products and it represents recognition for applying best business practices by a manufacturer.


„Quality of the Year” is the most significant competition in Poland promoting businesses, organizations as well as research and development units for which high quality of products based on innovative and economic solutions is a priority and leads the way towards further growth. An originator of the competition, an independent Qualitas Foundation – a member of The European Organization for Quality located in Brussels, promotes the idea of quality by spreading the best models of effective product and service management.


KLIMOR for the first time in its history was nominated to this prestigious "Quality of the Year" title. This award is all the more precious because it results from numerous recommendations received by the Qualitas Foundations coming directly from recipients of KLIMOR products.
- We consider this nomination first of all as expressed confidence of our customers for the highest quality of KLIMOR products. This is in fact the best approval of right growth direction of our product offer – both in terms of materials used and applied engineering solutions which make up the final product customized to individual customer needs, said Marek Kupiec, CEO at KLIMOR S.A. – We are pleased that our present operations setting market standards in the segment of HVAC products have been noticed and recognized. We believe that this recognition will result in granting our company the "Quality of 2015" Award , summed up Marek Kupiec.


During next stages of jubilee 10th edition of the "Quality of the Year" competition the jury of independent experts consisting of practitioners and theoreticians of quality management, will evaluate performance level of KLIMOR products as well as verify key business processes carried out in all areas of company operation: starting from production, through sales, aftersales and service support, to trainings. The audit results will be known end of the year.

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