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KLIMOR presents the most interesting implementations in 2014.


KLIMOR is a dynamically growing company, a manufacturer and supplier of standard and highly specialized air conditioning and ventilation systems. Year after year KLIMOR boasts more and more interesting implementations. In 2014 devices from the HVAC group were implemented in various facilities from industrial, service, medical and naval branches. Range of supplied devices mainly covers standard MCKS AHUs with heat recovery modules, hygienic-type MCKH AHUs, swimming pool-type MCKP AHUs as well as suspended MCKT AHUs and NSL laminar ceilings with a pack of other elements of ventilation system.


A list of the most interesting facilities equipped with KLIMOR units in 2014 features among the others:


Medical branch: Centrum Zdrowia Kobiety i Dziecka im. Prof. Wojciecha Staszewskiego in Zabrze, Białostockie Centrum Onkologii in Białymstok, Powiatowe Centrum Zdrowia in Brzeziny;

Office buildings: Orange Office Park (Amsterdam building) in Krakow, „West Gate” in Wroclaw;

Public buildings and institutions: Railway station in Sopot, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy in Lublin, Uniwersytet Medyczny- Ośrodek Medycyny Doświadczalnej in Lublin, Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny in Warsaw, Centrum Transferu Technologii Kompozytowych in Bielski Park Technologiczny, Przylądek Dobrej Nadziei in Wroclaw, Mediateka XXI wieku in Tychy;

Swimming pools: "Aquarius" swimming pool in Lesk, Park Wodny in Tarnowskie Góry;

Apartments and hotels: "Corner House" apartments in Warsaw, Sielanka nad Pilicą Hotel in Warka;

Industrial facilities: Laboratorium Badawczo- Rozwojowe Biotechnologicznych Produktów Leczniczych MABION SA in Lodz, Morska Stocznia Remontowa Gryfia SA in Szczecin, EKO- OKNA Production hall in Pietrowice Wielkie, Tikkurila Polska SA in Dębica, Teva Operations Poland Sp. z o.o. in Krakow, Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o. in Nagawczyno.


One of the biggest 2014 implementation was the Railway station in Sopot. The project entailed the standard MCKS AHUs with rotary and cross-flow heat exchangers, heat pump modules as well as run-around glycol recovery system with heat exchangers. All together 19 AHUs with estimated air supply totaling to 172.350 m3/h and air exhaust totaling to 172.450 m3/h. In 2015 we plan to deliver next KLIMOR units of similar standard.

It is also worth mentioning some objects under construction: Laboratorium Badawczo- Rozwojowe Biotechnologicznych Produktów Leczniczych MABION SA in Lodz, where KLIMOR has delivered 32 AHUs, mainly of MCKH hygienic type with total supply air flow exceeding 220.000 m3/h and exhaust air flow 170.000 m3/h. The facility will be officially commissioned in 2015.

Other facilities to be mentioned: OLIMP LABORATORIES Sp. z o.o. in Nagawczyn near Dębica with 16 hygienic-type MCKH AHUs and standard MCKS AHUs. The units have been equipped with heat recovery modules with rotary heat exchanger and glycol system. Total supply air flow is about 155.780 m3/h and exhaust air flow is about 148.810 m3/h.

Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy in Lublin, where KLIMOR has delivered 41 AHUs of various types: MCKH, MCKS, MCKT and suspended hygienic-type MCKT. The AHUs offer various methods of heat recovery: cross-flow heat exchanger, rotary heat exchanger and double cross-flow heat exchanger. Approximate air flow is 145.300 m3/h for air supply and 125.330 m3/h for air exhaust.


In 2014 KLIMOR also supplied many devices for facilities on different stage of development, even with few-years-time schedule. In 2014 we delivered our systems to i.a.: Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, Profamilia hospital in Rzeszow, Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny in Białymstok, where delivered are also scheduled for 2015.

"Selection of our devices at the next stages of facilities development is the most significant award for us and it proves our reliability in terms of product quality as well as aftersales support, said Marek Kupiec", Chief Operating Officer at KLIMOR. "Wojskowy Instytut Medyczny in Warsaw can be considered as such a particular example, where KLIMOR units are already in operation. The first shipment was provided in 2007 and another one in 2010. In 2014 we equipped the facility with units dedicated for operation in most of specialist departments, such as: cardiac surgery, oncology, rheumatology, gastroenterology and allergology”, added Marek Kupiec.


Beside overland operations KLIMOR is also well-known supplier of HVAC systems for marine market. We have implemented many systems for this sector in 2014. The most significant implementations featured delivery of AHUs and air-supply cabin units for a dynamically positioned vessel of Cable Lay Vessel CLV type belonging to a Norwegian shipowner as well as shipping AHUs dedicated to the Malcolm Miller's yacht.

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