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High-performance and hygroscopic heat exchangers in KLIMOR AHUs. Even better heat recovery solution!


Responding to the market expectations, Klimor introduces high-performance and hygroscopic heat exchangers into their AHUs. Necessity to save energy transmitters used in ventilation systems requires more and more systems to include components enabling energy recovery.Besides, the main idea behind the energy-efficient building is continuous reduction of heat losses.


Heat recovery in case of high-performance recuperator does not require supplying energy from the outside. The heat exchanger does not contain moving parts, such as engine or bearings and that's why it offers long-term operation. Supply and exhaust air streams are separated from each other and in a result odors and contaminations do not transfer the system. In summer or when the anti-frost protection is triggered the air is supplied through the heat exchanger bypass. This anti-frost protection prevents from the consequences of excessive cold and freezing in the air exhaust section.

The high-performance recuperator is more and more often used as heat recovery exchanger in AHUs. The recuperator is an advanced version on cross-flow heat exchanger. It enables much longer time of contact between supply and exhaust air streams than in the cross-flow exchanger. As a result it offers efficiency even up to 93%. (at certain temperature and humidity conditions).

For AHUs in sizes 1–6 the high-performance heat exchangers are used.


At the same time KLIMOR enhances its portfolio, offering hygroscopic rotary exchangers which enable humidity recovery.

Thanks to such solutions the heat exchanger can operate in temperatures below 0°C without a risk of freezing which typically happens in case of cross-flow heat exchangers. Another advantage is that this solution enables air humidification and eliminates drying residential rooms.


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