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KLIMOR introduces new solutions in heat pump systems and in AHUs control systems


KLIMOR enhances its portfolio with new heat pump systems with stepless regulation as well as modular control systems for the systems: heat pump/cooling system (HPM/CM) on/off and with stepless regulation.

So far our company have been supplying cooling systems and heat pumps for ventilation and air conditioning units based on the on/off solutions equipped with complete control systems.

Our current offer now features cooling systems and heat pumps for MCK AHUs with the stepless control. This solution provides more precise alignment of the system to specific heating requirements of a building, while reducing energy consumption at the same time.

Responding to customers' needs, KLIMOR also introduces an integrated control system for cooling systems and heat pumps with the preprogrammed operation algorithm of these systems. Each ventilation and air conditioning unit equipped with a cooling module and heat pomp is supplied with such control system.


Applying this solution enables 3 possible options of KLIMOR devices:


- a ventilation unit with a cooling system or heat pump with a control system wired inside the device;

- a ventilation unit with a control system and optional power module for the CM/HPM system;

- a ventilation unit with a control system, power module and AHU control box with actuators, as a complete control system;


To learn more please contact our technical and sales consultants – available across Poland. >>  


KLIMOR ventilation and air conditioning units providing the highest air comfort are dedicated for all room types for small houses as well as large buildings, offices, hotels and industrial facilities. KLIMOR provides complex package of services including unit selection based on the AHU Selection Program (KAD), shipment, testing and measurements as well as preparation of detailed handover report and complex warranty and maintenance service.

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