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As an Employer we make every effort to create friendly and effective working environment, providing access to all indispensable working tools, implementing well tried and tested staff management standards, offering a wide choice of both product and personal competence development trainings.


We invest in team work, share and enjoy every success and jointly take good care to maintain the leading position on the market. In KLIMOR S.A. we strongly encourage development of not only senior employees with long-time experience but also fresh graduates as mutual supplementation and exchange of knowledge and competence of senior staff combined with energy and dynamics of new employees constitutes the value added to our company and facilitates effective flow of specialist knowledge within the organization. We appreciate open communication, friendly atmosphere at work and independence of our Employees. We really value engagement and loyalty of our Employees and thus we always offer contract based work.


Most job offers are available for people with technical education and knowledge in the field of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. For the production department we gladly take on people with some previous experience in production.

The organizational structure in our companies creates possibilities of development in the following character:


  • In the Research and Development Department – Technologists and Designers.
  • In the Commercial Department – Technical and Sales Consultants;
  • In the Production Department – Production Operators, Machine Operators, Foremen;
  • In the Support Department – Accountants, Customer Assisstance Specialists, Quotation Specialists
  • In the Logistics and Purchase Department – Warehouse Workers, Logistics Specialists

and many others.


We are continuosly trying to announce available job offers on our Internet website, through worker recruitment sites and portals concerning the trade. All candidates interested in commencing cooperation with KLIMOR SA are encouraged to send their CVs to the following email addresspraca@klima-therm. You can also use a ready job application template.

If we cannot offer you any Job at the moment, we will keep your CV and, provided you give your consent to its being processed, we will contact you again once there is any offer matching your qualifications. Everybody is welcome to submit their applications!

* At the same time we would like to announce that, according to the Acton Personal Data Protection we are not entitled to store and use any CV without Your prior consent. All people interested in submitting their applications are requested to add the following statement ’I hereby give my consent to my application’s being stored and used in all recruitment processes conducted by KLIMOR SA from the date... ...to  ... ." Unfortunately all applications submitted without such a consent will be destroyed in front of a commission and will not take part in any recruitment process.


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