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About the Company




KLIMOR, a Company inside the capital group of KLIMA-THERM, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of both standard and highly specialized air conditioning, ventilation and cooling systems designed for both LAND and OFFSHORE markets. 50 years’ tradition supported with specialist knowledge and comprehensive experience gained on the Polish market as well as in many European countries, enables the company to develop its offer continuously with state-of-the-art technological solutions reflecting all the current trends in the trade retaining rigorous quality standards at the same time.


With a view to Clients’ satisfaction resulting directly from the Company’s flexible approach towards their individual needs and highest standards of customer assistance, KLIMOR provides extensive package of services including the following:


    • AHU delivery and assembly;
      • AHU selection based on the AHU Selection Application;
      • Installation of peripherals, sub-assemblies and automatic controls;
      • System start-up along with necessary tests and measurements;
      • Preparation of a detailed technical delivery and acceptance protocol;
      • Full warranty and service assistance;
      • Consultation on HVAC system designs;


Top quality of air handling units by KLIMOR is acknowledged by certificates recognized by the best experts and specialists of the ventilation and air conditioning trade. Products conformity with the rigorous standards DIN 1946- 4:2008 and PN- EN 1886:2008 and PN- EN 13053+ A1:2011 has been confirmed by TÜV Reinland Polska – an independent certification institute. 


All units have also been approved by the National Hygiene Institute and have been marked with the CE sign confirming their compliance with EU Directives.


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