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AGB heating set

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AGB heating set

The group of AGB sets was created in order to meet the needs of the most demanding users, with a lot of attention put on providing air comfort and minimizing operation costs. AGB heating sets are mainly applied in medium and high capacity facilities. They combine top quality of manufacture, modern design and high efficiency of operation. The applied constructional solutions, resulting from the analysis of market needs, result in achieving optimum heating power appropriate for the character of a particular room. 


Workshops, production, industrial and sports floors, warehouses and storage areas, greenhouses and other utility rooms.


capacity: 4.000 m3/h (28 kW) ÷ 3.500 m3/h (47 kW)
sizes: AGB 1 ÷ 2


Filtration, ventilation and heating

Recovery type

komora mieszania


Indoor configuration
on-wall or under-ceiling installation


A self-supporting CASING made of galvanized metal sheet plate
Metal sheet plate coated with polyester
An axial-flow fan
Cu/Al water heater
fixed blades


Conventionally, we deliver a fully assembled set

  • A complete control system,
  • Mixing and filtration chamber
  • A wall mount or a supporting construction
Certification and attestation


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